Compact Cane

A new way to experience life after sight loss

We are developing
a discreet, pocket-sized,
electronic white cane.

Our Features

A graphic of a Compact Cane device sending out ultrasound waves to detect obstacles

Obstacle Detection

Compact Cane detects obstacles in your path using ultrasonic sensors and tells you how close they are using an intuitive vibration language

A graphic of the Compact Cane device in a pocket


As the name suggests, you can fit Compact Cane in your pocket or bag making it easy to carry and use on-the-go

A graphic of a person holding Compact Cane, sending out ultrasound waves to detect obstacles


With our groundbreaking tech, Compact Cane can be used safely without your white cane or guide dog, if you wish

Living life

What our trial users say

I would buy Compact Cane because it gives you information and makes you really, really independent

― Anika, severally visually impaired student

Compact Cane is very intuitive and would be great for rehabilitation

― Alex, white cane trainer and rehabilitation worker

(Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals)

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Our Partners

BGV, Bethnal Green Ventures
Autodesk Technology Impact Program
SETsquared Bath, part of the SETsquared Partnership
University of Bath
Santander Universities

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About Us

We are Compact Cane Ltd, a socially-driven, tech startup based in London, UK.

We are developing Compact Cane for people living with sight loss.

We are currently at prototype and user trial stages.

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Compact Cane Ltd a privately held company – If you’re interested in investing please contact us

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